about-bannerAnne’s Donuts was founded by Anne Winstead in 1953. Anne had worked for a local bakery and took interest in opening her own shop. They specialized in donuts made the old fashioned way, with fresh dough deep fried in vegetable oil for a warm crispy melt in your mouth donut. Today, the new owner Sharon Bridgers continues to cook donuts the old fashioned way with many different flavors such as the popular Cream Cheese filled, Lemon\filled, Strawberry filled, Raspberry filled, and the Classic Chocolate Glazed Donut.

Since Sharon took over as head baker in 1988, she has had the chance to try out many other new baked goods for the locals, such as cakes for all occasions including Weddings and Birthdays. She also added brownies and cookies to tantalize the taste buds. Sharon’s personal favorite is the pineapple cake, which she often enjoys on her own Birthday, but the locals tend to swing towards the Strawberry Filled Cake.

In 2010, a fun giftshop was added at the bakery offering presents, as well as holiday decor. The giftshop also offers Jewelry, Watches, and Giftbaskets. With the addition of the giftshop, Anne’s Donuts has become a one stop shop! Let Anne’s Donuts provide a convenient way to pick up your Birthday cake and presents, all from the warmth and the fresh sweet smell of their bakery.